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Corvair/601 Firewall Forward Installation Manual

After a lot of work and refinement, our Corvair/601 Firewall Forward Installation Manual is now done and shipping. It's 126 pages and it contains a wiring diagram, drawings and 84 large format photos. It's written in a new format that includes detailed captions on the photos, main and chapter indexes and substantial sections explaining how and why things are done in detail. This feature makes it interesting reading and educational, not just a set of instructions.

The price for the 601 Installation Manual is $39. This includes U.S. Priority Mail shipping. We have them in quantity, right now, ready to go. We gave careful consideration to pricing to strike a balance between covering the huge investment in time and research that went into the Manual and keeping it low enough that no one would attempt the installation without it or be tempted to photocopy it.

The first distribution of the Manual was at Corvair College #11. It met positive reviews across the board. Even antique and classic builders like Darrel Jones and Rick Holland commented that the Manual's how and why nature made it applicable to a much broader group of airplanes than its targeted 601 XL, HD and HDS models.

"Also available [at Corvair College #11] was the new Corvair engine Installation Manual for the Zodiac CH 601 XL kit plane," Corvair pilot Darrel Jones wrote. "After looking through it, I bought one even though I am putting the Corvair back in a Pietenpol variant called the Pfeifer Sport because the Manual had a lot of great firewall-forward information for the Corvair engine."

The completion of this Manual is a great step forward in the Corvair movement. Already an enormously popular choice among 601 builders, the Manual standardizes the installation that has served us through hundreds of flight hours, allowing builders who replicate it to justifiably expect the same success we've always had.

Please print, complete and return a Liability Statement with all orders. These are available for printing at the Liability Statement Page.

Thank you for your order.


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