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Corvair Powered Zenith 750

Zenith's latest model, the CH 750, is a good match for the Corvair engine. At first glance, it may be difficult to believe, but the 601 series aircraft and the 750 have a nearly identical firewall forward package. This very clever parts commonality allows Zenith to get the most out of their engineering and R&D. For Corvair builders, this means that our success with dozens of 601s directly translates to an installation involving very little prototyping.

Our prototype installation was built in our own hangar, and installed on a Zenith 750 built by FlyWithGus.com. The 750's Motor Mount has three more tubes than the 601, but is otherwise identical. The Intake, Exhaust, Cowling, Nosebowl, Baffle Kit, Oil System and basic powerplant are the same for the 601 and 750.

The above photo shows the Corvair to 750 installation prototype. The engine installation, being an adaption of our flight proven work on 601s, was a relatively easy development. The airframe was among the first of the kits and was used by John Croc to film his Homebuilt Help series. The airframe will be completed by FlyWithGus.com.

Subtle changes for the 750 that we included are a larger, firewall mounted 2003 series oil cooler, a 60 amp Nipondenso teacup alternator mounted on the back of the engine, and a 2-inch larger in diameter propeller. It is my strong recommendation that all Corvair powered 750s utilize a fifth bearing. Both our prototype and our first 3,100 cc engine for a 750 have Fly5thBearing.com bearings installed on them.

To test these modifications in flight, we installed them on Louis Kantor's 601 XL, N601LV. This aircraft was completed in our hangar and displayed at Oshkosh 2009. Although the modifications may seem subtle, I continued our policy of never selling anything I have not personally flown and spent some time aloft in the aircraft before it flew to Oshkosh.

Above is a custom 3,100 cc Corvair we built for a West Coast Zenith CH 750 builder. The engine features a Fly5thBearing.com 5th bearing, and all of our Gold Components: Prop Hub, Premium Starter Kit, Oil System and Oil Pan with Deep Sump Pickup. It is shown here running on our dynomometer during an extensive 5-hour break-in period. It was later shipped with all our Installation Components: Intake Manifold, Exhaust System, Cowling, Nosebowl, Baffle Kit, Spinner Bulkhead, Warp Drive prop and Motor Mount.

In the coming year, the Corvair will write its own chapter in the 750 history. While the airframe is thought of as brand new, it is actually a very highly refined plane. We were quietly shown the prototype on a private factory tour in 2005. The Heintz family put years of work into making this one of the best manufactured kits on the market. This effort will be reflected in how quickly completed 750s make it to the flight line. We're looking forward to having the same excellent reputation with 750s that we currently enjoy with our 601 installation. 750 builders seeking more information can send us an e-mail and we'll gladly answer any question you have.

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