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Corvair Baffle Kit

This Baffle Kit includes all the preformed sheetmetal pieces necessary to correctly baffle a Corvair engine. It is primarily designed to work with our Nosebowl or KR-Vair Cowling. The Kit can be configured for stock Corvair 12-plate and folded fin coolers, or the heavy duty Niagara 2000 series cooler. While these kits are not cheap, buyers will not be disappointed. These outstanding examples of craftsmanship are manufactured exclusively for us by Jim and Rhonda Weseman. This is another example of how we're meeting increased demand by sourcing components from proven aviation professionals. "Outsourcing" at other experimental companies may mean shopping for junk in Communist police states like China. To us, it means finding good people right here at home.

Please note that Jim and Rhonda devoted countless hours to developing these parts, working off one of our engines. They have a significant investment in time and tooling. No drawings for these parts exist, just masters and tooling. We've had some requests for drawings from people building their own sets. It should be a lot of help for builders to study the photo linked above. But in light of Jim and Rhonda's efforts, we cannot provide drawings or tracings of their work, and we will not tolerate people attemping to make direct copies and market these parts.

My ability to attract high quality suppliers like the Wesemans largely depends on how fairly they're treated by builders. Enough said.

These are available for immediate shipment. When ordering, please e-mail Wese@att.net to let the Wesemans know whether you'll be using a Niagara cooler or stock Corvair 12-plate cooler. The $349 price includes instructions and shipping in the contiguous U.S. Check www.usps.com for international S&H rates for a 2 pound 11 ounce, 19"x12"x3" box from ZIP Code 32065. Send payment by check or money order in U.S. dollars payable to J.S. Weseman, 485 Cleveland Ave., Orange Park, FL 32065, or credit cards and eChecks via PayPal by clicking below:

Purchase Direct From JSWeseman.com

Please print, complete and return a Liability Statement with all orders. These are available for printing at the Liability Statement Page.

Thank you for your order.

Corvair Baffle Kit

Above is our Baffle Kit installed on a mock-up motor. This kit is specifically intended to work with our Nosebowl or KR cowling.

Above, the rear view of the baffling shows the rectangular hole through which the sparkplug wire harness passes. On the left is the housing set up to contain a large capacity Niagara cooler.

Two triangular braces with lightening holes hold the back plate rigid and brace it to the Top Cover. This shows the front side of the large capacity oil cooler housing.

Triangular braces viewed from passenger side of engine, above.

The rear view of the large capacity oil cooler mount.

Although this piece is labeled L/H, this is the right side of the engine; each side is symmetrical. The holes to mount these two sides onto the heads are not pilot drilled. 1964-65 engines have a different hole pattern than 1966-69 engines. But, drilling three holes per side is not a tough task.

This close up illustrates how the right hand front baffle fits in front of the #5 cylinder. Note how closely it's fitted to the ribs in the case. The kit exemplifies this level of craftsmanship throughout.

Each front side consists of an upper and lower piece, as shown in the above photo. The long bolts with blue T-shaped heads are used to rapidly test fit parts on this jig engine.

The right side of the baffle has two very subtle bends to clear the front mounted alternator and Bracket, above.

Above is the outboard brace for our Niagara cooler. The oil line passes through the lightening hole in the side of the bracket.

Sitting at the computer, it can be difficult to see how each piece fits together. But, having these printed photos, written instructions and the parts themselves sitting in front of your engine will illuminate the installation far better than the photos alone.


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