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March 20, 2005

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Subj: From Australia
Date: 3/18/05

Not building anything as yet. Hope to start in a year with a Zenith 701.

Best Regards, Andrew Shearer, Bendigo, Australia
Reply from WW:
Good to hear from you. We have a small section on our Web site relating to putting a Corvair on a 701. Although we do not encourage the combination, we have a dozen or so determined builders who are going to utilize our information and take a shot at it. Most of these guys are plans builders, and are on a slow and steady building path. I don't think we'll see a Corvair powered 701 any time real soon. This brings up another point: If you're going to try a combination like this, which is on the outer edges of what's recommended, I'd encourage you to utilize as much of our proven information as you can and ask us as many questions as you like. Builders in this position need our help more than any others, and I have always made a policy of sharing whatever I know about Corvair engines to help reduce the risk to someone intending to fly one.

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Subj: Gascolator
Date: 3/11/05

I recently came across a gascolator Web site, http://www.stevesaircraft.com/. Do you think these gascolators could be used on the 601 with the Corvair engine, or do you recommend another kind?

Thanks, Ralph Young, Manual #6347, Zenair 601, Emmet, ID
Reply from WW:
The only gascolator I recommend anyone use on a Corvair/601 is an Andair GAS375-M. We have more details on this on our 601 Web pages. The link you showed us contains some very nice looking but extremely expensive STC'd gascolators. The Andair unit is far less expensive. It is not cheap, but it is first class. It's available from several sources, including Wick's and Aircraft Spruce. The model we use has male AN-6 fittings built into it.

Subj: Missing Fin
Date: 3/10/05

I've finally acquired a set of 9.25:1 heads but didn't notice they have an entire missing cooling fin until after I bought them (guess I was caught up in the excitement after months of searching). It is a very accessible fin, the top center one closest to the head gasket surfaces. Since it is accessible, could a replacement be fitted and welded into place? Would it be appropriate to cut the equivalent fin off of my spare junk heads and fit it closely to the break, then stop by your shop sometime for you to weld it?

Thanks, Douglas Eatman, Manual #6307

Reply from WW:
The fins on the head are certainly weldable. As long as they are clean, they are a fairly easy weld. I fix them fairly frequently. Call us up and make arrangements. I'll be glad to weld it back on for you. By the way, we had a great time with you as a guest at Corvair College #8.

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