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We have traditionally updated our Web site about once a month. We are now moving to a more frequent format on an attached Web forum called FlyCorvair.net. This layout is commonly called a "Blog," where a source posts daily comments. Although we are using a format that looks the same, we are going to run the content the same way that we ran our Daily Question and Answers section of our Web site for several years. On our new site, builders will be able to ask questions and have them answered in a format that will give them answers they can trust in a setting where other builders can read the information as well. If you got into building airplanes to actually build planes, this is for you. Everyone is welcome, but I am going to keep the dialogue focused on information that we know works because we have flight proven it and also is applicable to Corvair powered planes. You will be able to tune in and avoid the negativity, drama club, disinformation and fear mongering generated on the Web by people with mystery e-mail names like "Flyboy26." We will instead have real builders, real information, and real motivation. Let the rest of the world go any way it likes, we can have an Oasis of building and flying at FlyCorvair.net.

In the past 10 years, I have mentored dozens of builders with zero previous mechanical experience through building their own engine and safely operating it. In the same period, I have followed an equal number of people, many with significant previous experience, get nowhere or self sabotage their aircraft project. What's the difference? People in the successful group are very good at following flight proven information we share. People in the second group have a long history of sending me e-mails saying they are going to build their engine a certain way because they saw it on a Web site or read about it online. In many cases they have never even asked if the idea has ever flown before, of if the guy promoting it has ever seen a Corvair turn a prop.

I can make a very good case that the root of all of aviation is about making good decisions. Not only is this how aircraft are completed, it is also how they are safely operated, and most importantly, this is what is rewarding about aviation. Being an individual and following a challenging path and making good choices is the real inner satisfaction of aviation. Notice that the people in the first group above are experiencing this in a positive way. The visual progress of their running engine or their completed plane are just a reflection of the real reward they are experiencing. They are in command of making important decisions, and they are tracking inbound on their dreams. The latter group are often not making progress because they are basing their choices on looking at only one engine, and maybe not even one that runs. Smart decisions are made by looking at the big picture, seeing what the dozens of successful builders who are out there enjoying their planes today are using. The choice is yours. If you are working to have your plane done and flying in months, or even a few years, welcome aboard. If a person needs a place to argue semantics with mystery e-mail name people who suffered emotional injuries in unfortunate childhoods, they have the rest of the World Wide Web on which to do it.

"Real freedom is the sustained act of being an individual." WW - 2009

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