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Happy St. Patty's Day Long Weekend
March 15, 2008
ZenVair In The Air
Oil Pans On The Way
Ed and Val
Bill and Phil

Woody Harris' ZenVair #18, N743WH, taking off on its maiden flight at 0733 PST February 27, 2008
Our man on the West Coast, Woody Harris of Vacaville, Calif., ecstatically reported that he enjoyed the first flight February 27, 2008, pictured above, of his Corvair powered 601 XL. Using the 601 XL quick build kit and All Our Installation Components, he finished it in a little over a year. Woody has a very busy schedule, which includes running his high performance automotive shop, auto racing, co-hosting two West Coast Corvair College Events, flying Rick Lindstrom's ZenVair 601 XL (as featured in Kit Planes magazine) from Florida to California, and being a good husband and father, as one of his daughters got married in the past year as well. This shows you Woody knows how to use time well, and also demonstrates that a 601 quick build kit is one of the fastest to assemble that we know of. Choosing a Corvair to power it does not add a major time component to the construction of the aircraft.

A head on view of Woody's N743WH taxiing in from its first flight
The 601XL is an outstanding packaging of a very roomy cockpit, a fairly sleek airframe in a very buildable package. The narrow 28" width of the Corvair and our Low Profile Nosebowl and 601 Cowling Kit complement this.

Woody, above left, and his friend Steve celebrate with cigars and Piper Heidsieck champagne after the first flight. Woody's had a lifetime of achievements in the world of motorsports that the rest of us only dream of. Yet he still rates flying an airplane that you built yourself as a landmark event in life.

Technical News You Can Use

The photo above shows 30 of our 50 new Oil Pans. These are machined from solid billets of aluminum. CNC cutting from a billet allows very thin wall sections that would not be possible with a casting. This Pan weighs 12 ounces more than our featherweight hand welded models. Next week, all our Oil Pan back orders will be filled with the Pans above. Please note that we'll still have the Flightweight Pans available on request, but standard orders will be filled with the billet Pans. Also note that the Billet and Flightweight Pans each have their own Pickup Assembly that needs to be matched to the correct Pan. This is the latest improvement in Parts Availability made possible by utilizing mass CNC production on a large scale. From this date forward, Oil Pans will not be on back order again (except during Oshkosh, Sun 'N Fun and scheduled hangar holidays).

At this time, we're holding the price of the Pan to the same $269 we charge for the ones I make by hand. This price is only in effect through the end of this run of 50 Pans. If you'd like one, send a check now payable to Wililam Wynne, 5000-18 US HWY 17 #247, Orange Park, FL 32003.

Or click on the PayPal button below to order by Credit Card:

The Dual Points and Electronic/Points Plates side by side
Builders who read this Web site know that I pioneered, tested and developed the Dual Points Distributor for Flying Corvairs. In 2007, I began building Electronic/Points Distributors to the same standard. They're now flying in about 20 airplanes. They did not appear on our Web site as an Available Product because we wanted to ensure that every builder flying a Dual Point Distributor could exercise the option of upgrading before we took any fresh orders. I also went back to our CNC aerospace manufacturer and had brand new dedicated Plates made from stainless steel. The Plate on the right above and the two stacks are these new E/P Plates. The same way we focused our attention on Starter Brackets and Oil Pans, the E/P Distributor will be our next order of mass production. You can order these items via credit card from our Products Page or by sending a check payable to Wililam Wynne, 5000-18 US HWY 17 #247, Orange Park, FL 32003. The Dual Points Distributor costs $239 and the E/P Distributor is $299.

The E/P unit took a long time to develop, and these ignition systems are backed up by a significant amount of flight testing. A number of the E/P units were supplied to builders to flight test at no cost. Refinements were made and updated models were supplied to currently flying builders at cost. These actions are all part of our big picutre perspective to serve the Corvair building and flying community and they make sense when you understand that our goal is not to make the most profit we can off One Guy on One Distributor on One Day.

Free FlyCorvair.com hat to the first builder who identifies the new project delivered this week to our hangar, above, in front of the Skylite.

Grace identified our new project first and got the free hat, which is invisible as Scoob E Dooby D Doge sits on it in the photo above.
Grace already has a FlyCorvair.com hat, and magnanimously relinquishes the free hat to the NEXT builder who identifies in an e-mail to us the newest project in our hangar.

News On Ed and The Lovely Val Fisher

Ed and Val Fisher visiting us in North Florida mid-2007

Word spread on the Internet that the apartment of Ed and Val Fisher, above, suffered severe fire damage last week. Ed is our friend who subcontracts most of our Motor Mount and Tray welding. He's well enough known as an old school homebuilder, two-time Oshkosh Grand Champion Aircraft Designer and all around good guy that people took up a collection to let him know they care about him and his family.

We wanted to share with our builders a few pertinent facts: Ed and Val are fine. They were woken up by alarms when the fire started and left with the clothes on their backs. It was a severe enough blaze that the residence below them had a fatality. Ed's hangar, tools and aircraft are safe at an airport 10 miles from the Fisher's former home. A lot of their stuff was smoke damaged, but not ruined. Ed and Val have already secured new lodging right near the airport. Ed told me that after a few days off, he's back at work full time, and the primary contribution people can make is to continue ordering the Motor Mounts and Trays he produces for us, or any of the products he offers through his own company, http://www.raceairdesigns.com/index.htm

The Fishers thank everybody for their outpouring of support. They can't do it personally because their computer was damaged and they have no access to the Internet.

Goodbye to Phil and Bill

Last week, many news outlets across America covered a tragic accident on the ground involving two experimental aircraft in Florida. The collision took the lives of three aviators and left one in grave condition. Grace and I knew very well the two pilots killed in the RV-8. Eight years ago, Grace bought her Taylorcraft from E. Phil Schacht. Phil was impressed with Grace's enthusiasm and made her a more than fair deal for his treasured Taylorcaft (which is now never for sale at any price). At the same time, Grace and I were running EAA Chapter 288 at Spruce Creek in Port Orange, Fla. Bill Hess, who built the RV-8 they were in, was one of those super nice behind-the-scenes EAA guys who make every local chapter work.

Both of these guys had impeccable credentials in aviation, ranging from aerobatics to airline careers. The real memories of them are formed around each's upstanding character, which made them truly great people. We're among the many who will truly miss both of them.

Note from Grace: Please excuse me if two friends dying makes me inarticulate. Also please excuse me if great loss inspires me to do no shipping all week and not much else besides feeding and walking Scoob E Dooby D Doge. I'll be back at work Tuesday after the St. Patty's Holiday. I truly apologize for dropping the ball on everyone's Baffle Kits. When you receive them this week via USPS Priority Mail, I hope you'll get right to work in your shop, taking short breaks only to eat, sleep and tell those you love that you love them. That's what I intended with my post, which you can now read only at http://flycorvair.com/grace.html if you're at all interested.

[Sunset photo above courtesy of Mark Langford. Thank you very much Mark for everything as always.]

30 Days Till Sun 'N Fun
March 7, 2008

Three Friends With The ZenVair 701
After more than a decade of working together, Kevin, Gus and I still work closely on cooperative efforts while we each run our own separate companies. Gus specializes in airframes, engine installations and test flights. His Web site is FlyWithGus.com. Kevin specializes in building the highest quality Corvair flight engines that feature All of Our Conversion Components, as well as the finest parts, like Falcon Heads. Kevin's Web site is VairForce.com.

The underbelly of the ZenVair 701 Installation
We will have these Motor Mounts available shortly at FlyCorvair.com. Gus and I switched the carburetor to an Ellison EFS-3A. The left side exhaust pipe is wrapped to protect the Ellison's diaphragm from heat. Ceramic coating the Exhaust would have the same effect, with neater appearance. The aluminum line next to the exhaust pipe is the crankcase vent.

News You Can Use
The grease above, from NAPA, is the best stuff in which to coat O-rings and pack the end seals. This and proper surface preparation will reward you with a bone dry engine.

Gary Coppen's KR-2 project
Gary's plane, above, is fitted with a slightly wider KR-2S firewall. This can easily be faired into the first 12" of the fuselage sides. The Mount in the photo is one of Our Standard Production KR-2 Motor Mounts. We had two of these on back order, and I finished them both last week. I have welded about 50 since the 1999 KR Gathering Grace and I attended in Kentucky. The first one of these to fly was on Floridian Bob Lester's KR in 2001. Others who have flown them since include Mark Jones of Wisconsin and Lt. Commander Dave in Nevada.

Next week, Ed Fisher is picking up my jig and will weld and drop ship them to builders after they're ordered from us. Ed has been doing a great job with 601 Motor Mounts, and he's going to cover the KR-2 and ZenVair 701 Mounts for us as well. This is all part of expanding to meet growing demand, and to get to the point where we have Every WW Catalog Part in stock on the shelves.

I have been told that one of the KR Mounts I made last year had a jig made from it so copies could be made for sale. I have always been glad to help individual builders make their own motor mounts. But making tooling off one of our production parts for a profit is a whole different story. With the parts now available from us on a timely basis, there is no reason to buy copies of our products that we've developed and promoted with our hard work.

Our KRVair Cowling
Above is the same KR with one of our KRVair Cowls draped in place. These Cowls have since been flying on the KRs of Steve Makish and Lt. Commander Dave. We've sold about 10 others.

They are not cheap, but they are a very good design, shaped to work with all of our parts. They're made in our molds from aircraft epoxy and Fiberglas. This is done for us by Latti Aerospace. When an order is placed with us, they are directly drop shipped to the builder. You can telephone or e-mail for information on ordering our KRVair Cowling.

I spent several thousand dollars having the molds made a few years ago. If we sell 60 or 70 Cowls, we will break even. I knew this was not going to be a big profit maker, but I wanted to do it because you aren't really supporting builders if you just make the easier to produce, high profit items. There are several cowls for the KR which can be adapted to fit the Corvair. But this one is designed to fit our Low Profile Front Starters, Baffle Kits, Mounts, etc.

Aesthetically, I like this style. Look at this link (and then click your back arrow to return to this page) to see this same airframe with a really unattractive cowl. The ironic thing is that the builder of the original cowl certainly spent some money and an awful amount of time for his result, which is now a strata in the County Landfill. From this perspective, buying a KR Cowl from us is much more of a bargain.

35 mm Aero-Carb For Sale
Above is the Aero-Carb we removed from the ZenVair 701. It has about five hours on it. The owner did not like having to pull the mixture every time he shut down the engine. This carburetor only works on gravity feed aircraft. Thus, it is not appropriate for pump fed planes like 601 XLs. We'll sell it to the first builder who e-mails that they'd like it for $350.

Our FlyCorvair.com Front Spinner Bulkhead for Van's 13" spinner with Warp Drive prop
The Spinner Bulkhead above is featured in our very popular Corvair/601 Installation Manual. The history of the development of this part can be read on our Web site by entering the phrase "Front Spinner Bulkhead" in the Google [TM] search box on the bottom of our Home page. We temporarily removed the part from our Products Page to ensure that builders who would be flying shortly had them first for their completed aircraft. Now flying on more than 25 aircraft, including the majority of Corvair powered 601s, we have a steady supply on hand for builders at any phase of their project. The one above was put in a U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail package a moment after being photographed, and is now in the hands of a builder making progress towards his day in the sun.

I'm looking forward to seeing as many builders as possible in person at Sun 'N Fun April 8-13, 2008, in Lakeland, Fla. If you have any questions, please call or e-mail.

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