Nitriding Liability Statement Written by William Wynne, February 2006

The Corvair Authority
5000-18 HWY 17 #247
Orange Park, FL 32003

Statement of Understanding and Release of Liability

This is a plain language introduction for builders themselves to read and understand before they have their crankshaft nitrided by Nitron Inc. If they understand and agree with the statement, and still wish Nitron to perform the ion nitriding service on their crankshaft, they should sign and date the form and send it with payment and their crankshaft to Nitron. Only crankshafts accompanied by this form will be processed.

My research on the subject of Corvair crankshafts indicates, but has not proven, that nitrided crankshafts offer significant improvements in fatigue resistance and wear resistance. Further research indicates that ion nitriding is the superior method of nitriding for Corvair crankshafts.

At my request, Nitron has agreed to provide ion nitriding services to people building Corvair engines for aircraft use. Nitron is offering this service as a Good Samaratin gesture because we believe that this is a significant risk reduction to builders. It is difficult to quantify the improvement without large scale testing. Due to the unique nature of each Corvair crankshaft, the improvement will always vary. Awaiting large scale testing would deny individual builders access to a process believed to be an improvement.

Having the crankshaft nitrided is certainly not a guarantee against breakage. Most aircraft crankshafts are nitrided, and even purpose designed certified quality nitrided aircraft crankshafts break.

Nitron will perform only the ion nitride service on a crankshaft. Nitron is not equipped or trained to evaluate the airworthiness of crankshafts. An unairworthy crankshaft, even one with an obvious flaw, sent to Nitron, will merely become an unairworthy crankshaft which is nitrided. The final and only evaluation of airworthiness will always fall in the hands of the builder, and the pilot in command of the aircraft on the day it is operated. The builder relies solely on his own skill and judgment in the evaluation of the crankshaft, and is solely responsible for its use. It is still the responsibility of the builder to operate the crank with good judgement and exercise every reasonable opportunity to reduce the stress on the part.

The experimental nature of builders' projects means that each and every one is a unique aircraft. It is impossible for Nitron or any other service provider to have control over how the crankshaft was manufactured, used, modified, installed, and operated. Therefore, service providers cannot be held liable for its operation.

In consideration of the covenants and conditions stated, Buyer agrees to hold Nitron harmless and indemnify Nitron as follows:

  1. Builder agrees to hold Nitron harmless from, and Builder hereby assumes the entire responsibility and liability for, any and all damage or injury of any kind or nature whatever, including death, as to all persons, whether Builder's employees, agents or otherwise, and as to all property, including Builder's own property, caused by, resulting from, arising out of, or occurring in connection with, the use by Builder himself or any other person, of the Services and Processes.

  2. If any person shall make a claim for any damage or injury, including death, resulting from the use of the Services and Processes sold to the builder, whether based upon Nitron's alleged active or passive negligence, or based upon principles of product liability, or based upon any alleged breach of any statutory/contractual or common law duty or obligation Nitron may have, Builder shall indemnify and save harmless Nitron its agents, servants and employees, from and against any and all loss, expense, damage or injury that Nitron may sustain as a result of any such claim.

Dated this _________ day of _______________, 20________.

Builder Signature ________________________________________________________________________

Name and Address (please print)____________________________________________________________


Phone Number ________________________________________________________________________

E-mail _______________________________________________________________________________

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