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Installation Kit for Deep Sump CNC Aluminum Flight Oil Pans

This Installation Kit, Part No. OP-2, is the perfect complement to our Flightweight Billet Aluminum Oil Pan and Ultra-lightweight Welded Aluminum Pan. It contains an extended oil pickup which draws oil from the very bottom of the Deep Pan. It also includes all the fasteners required to hold the pan onto the case, safetyed to an aircraft standard. The Kit contains a 1/2-20 drain plug, and installation instructions (reprinted below). Since the pickup in the pan is a modified GM pickup, purchasing the Kit requires that you also mail us your stock oil pump pickup (don't bother cleaning it - we'll take care of that). If you're mailing your pickup by U.S. Postal Service, UPS or FedEx to 5000-18 HWY 17 #247, Orange Park, FL 32003. The $59 price includes shipping in the U.S.

I accept payment by check or money order in U.S. dollars payable to William Wynne, 5000-18 HWY 17 #247, Orange Park, FL 32003, or credit cards via PayPal by clicking below:

For international orders, including Canada, please add $15 for S&H by clicking below:

Please print, complete and return a Liability Statement with all orders. These are available for printing at the Liability Statement Page.

Thank you for your order. Your support makes possible further research and development on the Corvair.

Instructions for Deep Sump Oil Pan Installation Kit

Thank you for purchasing Oil Pan Installation Kit for aircraft use, Part No. OP-2. Your purchase makes possible my further research and development on the Corvair. In this way, you’re investing in the future development and perfection of your chosen motor.

These notes are supplementary to my most current Conversion Manual. This Oil Pan Installation Kit is developed as part of the system that we use to convert aircraft motors. This system is outlined in the Conversion Manual. The parts alone, without the information contained in the Manual, will not allow you to develop as reliable an aircraft conversion. When I develop and market a part, it is fully flight tested, and designed to work in concert with the other parts in the conversion. I take into account the way that most people are capable of installing and operating the part. There’s a great deal of consideration that goes into these issues, and I urge you to utilize all the information in the Manual and the parts in the way that they are intended to be used. Of course, contact me at any time with any question you may have.

To be fair, everyone needs to understand that these are not certified parts, and it's not a certified motor. Experimental is not a misnomer; everything we do in this field is of increased risk. If anyone even suspects that they have a problem, E-MAIL or CALL ME. If you have never worked with torque wrenches and precision fasteners, get help from an A&P. Let's all remember to use our heads and not take unnecessary risks. I have gone to great lengths to make these components as reliable and easy to install as possible within the bounds of affordability. I have personally flown all of these parts, because I have a low opinion of people who market aircraft parts without flying the parts themselves. I believe that each and every part I sell is the best solution to its respective aspect of converting a Corvair engine. Take your time and do good work. The system is proven and will reward you with the same type of reliable flight performance we have always had.

Oil Pan Installation Kit

The Oil Pan Installation Kit instructions are supplementary to the instructions that come with the Pan. The Pan instructions discuss gasket sealing and hardware assembly.

The pickup included with this kit has been modified to reach the oil at the bottom of the Pan. When installing this pickup in the case, follow the guideline in the GM manual with this exception: Use a slight film of Ultra Gray RTV on the outside of the pickup tube where it slides into the case. Apply this carefully so that it will not end up in a position where excess would end up on the inside of the tube. A pair of vise grips lightly clamped on the 3/4” straight section of the tube can be tapped on with a small hammer to drive the tube all the way into the case. Secure the tube with the 5/16” stock bolt which goes through the tab and then between the case halves.

The thread on the drain plug is 1/2-20. The drain plug should be drilled and safety wired.

After the Allen screws are installed and then re-torqued after the RTV dries, they need to be safety wired with .032 aircraft safety wire. There are many photos on our Web site showing good examples of this. The 601 Pages contain several photos.

By choosing my Oil Pan Installation Kit, which has hundreds of hours of proven flight time on it, and is made of the best materials, you have taken a giant step toward minimizing the risks associated with oil systems. Thank you for your purchase and congratulations on your good judgment.


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