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Welcome to the Products Page.

The parts are listed in 38 groups. The numbers list every single part in a complete engine. If you are rebuilding your engine from a core, the majority of the numbers are for parts that came with your engine. Thus, this is really an engine building checklist, with the parts we sell superimposed where appropriate. Groups after 3300 list components that are used to install your Corvair on specific airframes. To test run an engine at a College, you only need to address the numbers in Groups 1000-3300.

Some groups, such as 2000, have the parts listed individually, but are also offered by us as a complete group kit, which has every number in the group included. A builder selecting a "Complete group kit" will have that group finished.

While most builders are working on 2700cc/100HP engines, we offer 2,850cc/110HP and 3000cc/120HP engine kits. These kits contain all the numbers in both the 1300 and 1400 groups.

Our Conversion Manual, Installation Manual, DVD series, and Web sites explain the way every individual numbered component is replaced, overhauled or reused in the rebuild. For example, number 1602, the pushrod tubes, are covered in detail: how they are cleaned, what color and type of paint is used, and how they are installed. An extensive disscussion of the numbering system can be found on the January and February 2013 archives of www.FlyCorvair.net, in a 20 part series titled "Getting started in 2013."

I have been working with Corvair flight engines since 1989. The first 4 years were exclusively devoted to R&D and testing. There was a lot to learn, and I wasn't going to sell anything until I understood all the answers. In 1992, we began sales of the first product, a small notebook of information gathered from several years of tests. From this beginning, we have sold more than 25,000 individual parts. It sounds like a lot, but it is really just a small number a day, over many thousands of work days that went into the past 20 years. I have played a positive role in assisting hundreds of builders achieve their dreams in aviation. This was not done in a day, it was done one day and one builder at a time over many days.

Almost everything we ship goes by U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail. We do have many builders who have been very patient in waiting for parts from us, and we're very grateful for this. However, most orders are at your place in a week or so. Please note that we do not send out "confirmation notices" when we receive an order. Many people new to homebuilding mistakenly believe that the speed of Internet communication with a parts supplier is a direct indicator of a quality company. I believe that the right answer is much more important than the wrong one delivered quickly. Very quick answers come from people sitting at computers, not craftsmen sitting at work benches making your part. If you want to know something about computers, ask a guy who is always on one. If you want to learn something about engines, ask a man with dirt under his fingernails.

This page also includes links to enhanced descriptions of items that include photographs and drawings of most of the parts I offer for sale. As always, I would like to emphasize that every part I sell has been extensively flight tested, and I have flown behind every one myself. For me, it's always been important to be able to say this. We work in an industry that has people who think nothing of using customers as unwitting guinea pigs and unpaid test pilots. We have never done this.

Engines built to our specifications are eligible for full insurance coverage at the most favorable rates. We have worked hard to make this so. I expended a lot of effort to demonstrate to insurance underwriters that a builder working to our plans and using the correct components is at low risk. This argument is obviously predicated on builders using the correct parts. For example, using a rear starter, or a mount or exhaust made by someone else, disqualifies the plane from coverage at our rates. If you would like to make your own exhaust or mount, or any other part, call me, and I will discuss how we can get you included in the group. However, there are only four other commercial aircraft parts suppliers that we condone using in a "WW" conversion. These are Falconmachine.net, RoysGarage.com, JSWeseman.com and Fly5thbearing.com. If a guy buys components from other sources and later tries to claim that he has a "WW Conversion" on his insurance application, be advised they will probably accept his payments, but if he has an incident, including simple wind damage, his "coverage" is worthless because it is going to take them 5 minutes to prove he lied on the application. This isn't theory, it has already happened, and when the insurance company asked, I had no problem pointing out that the guy had actually bought his engine from a now bankrupt LLC on Barnstormers.com. I will gladly go to bat for our builders on any insurance issue, but I am not here to defend the dishonest while they try to cheat the system.

An important note is that the parts I offer for sale are for Conversion Manual owners only. I sell a lot of Conversion Manuals every year, and I explain to everyone that they are required to complete, sign and return the Liability Statement and Registration Pages contained in the Manual before we will sell you any part that is going flying in your plane. This is why "Information" and "Parts" are listed separately here. You only have to send us one liability statement, once. A number of guys who are on a slow building schedule or who purchased the Manual for educational purposes will take their time in returning their paperwork. But please note that I will not knowingly sell any physical part to anyone who does not have a Liability Statement on file with me. There are a few simple reasons for this, and since I treat all customers as intelligent friends, I'll explain.

1. Anyone who's read the first five pages of the Manual understands my position on risk management and personal responsibility in aviation. Unless you've read this and agree with it, you're not ready to make a purchase from me.

2. The Manual contains the full explanation of why and how the parts are used.

3. It's important that people understand that I do not allow others to duplicate my designs, resell them, or use the parts and information to go into the engine building business. My work is for people who want to learn and build their own engine. I've only had a few instances of intellectual property theft over the years, but I'm sure the Liability Statement has deterred more than that.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for understanding my position. Loyal customer purchases of my products have always furthered my Corvair research and development. In this way, each purchaser can justifiably feel that they have made their own contribution toward the advancement of Corvair powered flight. It's this support that keeps me working diligently in the hangar. I look forward to dealing with you as a builder, friend and fellow aviator.


Information- Manuals and DVDs

Corvair Conversion Manual - 136 pages $59Picture, description
2009 Corvair Flight Operations Manual - 86 pages $25Picture, description
Zenith Installation Manual - 134 pages $39Picture, description
Corvair Flyers DVD I: 45 minutes of Flying planes, plus tech notes and a brief Corvair overview. $25 Photo, video clip
Disassembly DVD: Identification, Selection and Disassembly of Corvair Engine. $25 Description
Corvair Engine Assembly Part I DVD: Crank Prep, Cam Timing, Case Assembly, Thrust Testing and Recurving Dual Ignition Distributors. Covers the assembly of Groups 1000-1200. $25 Description
Corvair Engine Assembly Part 2 DVD: Everything You Need to Know About Pistons, Rods, Cylinders and Their Installation on the Corvair Motor. Covers assembly of Groups 1300 & 1400. $25Description
Corvair Engine Assembly Part 3 DVD: Cylinder Heads and Valve Train + Flying Corvairs. Covers assembly of Groups 1500-2900. $25Description
Manual and/or DVD International S&H (Including Canada) $20 Click for U.S. Manual and DVD rush orders

Engine Build Checklist and Catalog of Parts For Sale


Crank group (1000)

1001(A)- Crank (8409 mark, GM)
1001(B)- Billet crank (Fly5thBearing.com)
1002- Crank gear
1003- Crank gear key
1004- Crank gear gasket
1005- Rear keys -2-
1006- Fuel pump eccentric
1007- Spacer
1008- Bronze distributor drive gear
1009- Oil slinger
1010- Main bearings
1011- Connecting rod bearings

Cam group (1100)

1101- Cam
1102- Thrust washer
1103- Key
1104- Cam gear
1105- Hydraulic lifter set -12 total-
1106- Cam lubricant
1107- ZDDP oil additive

Case group (1200)

1201- Case -2 halves with studs-
1202- Main case bolts -8-
1203- Main case nuts -8-

Piston and rod group (1300)

1301- Piston set with wrist pins
1302- Ring set
1303- Connecting rods -6-

Cylinder group (1400)

1401- Cylinders -6-
1402- Base gaskets -6-
1403- Head gasket set
Part 2850CC- 2850 cc kit with forged, made in U.S.A., "dual fuel" pistons, new cylinders, and rebuilt rods with ARP bolts. Bolts on with no machine work to case or heads. Completes all items in 1300 and 1400 groups. $1,800 Picture, Description, Instructions
Part 3000CC- 3000 cc kit with forged, made in U.S.A., "dual fuel" pistons, new cylinders, and rebuilt rods with ARP bolts. Completes all items in 1300 and 1400 groups. Requires your case and heads to be machined. $2,200 Picture, Description, Instructions
In development: Part 2775CC- 2775 cc kit with forged, made in U.S.A., "dual fuel" pistons, rebored GM cylinders, and rebuilt rods with ARP bolts. Bolts on with no machine work to case or heads. Completes all items in 1300 and 1400 groups. Projected price $1,450.

Head group (1500)

1501- Pair of heads with seats and guides
1502- Valve spring set
1503- Retainer set for intakes and keepers
1504- Exhaust valve rotators and keepers
1505- Intake valves -6-
1506- Valve seals
1507- Exhaust valves -6-
1508- Exhaust stacks -6-
1509- Welded on intake pipes

Valve train group (1600)

1601- Pushrods -12-
1602- Pushrod tubes -12-
1603- Pushrod o-rings -24-
1604- Rocker arm set -12-
1605- Rocker balls -12-
1606- Nuts -12-
1607- Lock nuts -12-

Head clamping hardware (1700)

1701- Guide plates -6-
1702- Stud o-rings -12-
1703- Rocker studs -12-
1704- Upper head nuts -12-
1705- Upper head washers -12-

Steel engine cooling baffles (1800)

Part 1800PC- All of the items in this group cleaned, blasted and powdercoated matte black. Requires your sheetmetal and any unbroken clips to be sent in as exchange. $99 Picture, Description, Instructions
1801- Under cylinder cooling baffles -2-
1802- Clips to retain engine cooling baffles -4-
1803- Baffle between #1 cylinder and distributor
1804- Baffle between #2 cylinder and oil cooler

Valve Cover Group (1900)

Part 1900PCR- Valve covers modified with oil filler and breathers, cleaned, blasted and powdercoated red. Includes part number 1905 and your choice of valve cover stickers. Requires your valve covers and oil filler tube to be sent in as exchange. $149 Picture, Description, Instructions
Part 1900PCB- Valve covers modified with oil filler and breathers, cleaned, blasted and powdercoated blue. Includes part number 1905 and your choice of valve cover stickers. Requires your valve covers and oil filler tube to be sent in as exchange. $149 Picture, Description, Instructions
Part 1900PCBK- Valve covers modified with oil filler and breathers, cleaned, blasted and powdercoated black. Includes part number 1905 and your choice of valve cover stickers. Requires your valve covers and oil filler tube to be sent in as exchange. $149 Picture, Description, Instructions
1901- Valve covers -1 pair-
1902- Hold down clamps -8-
1903- Hold down hardware 1/4"-20 -8-
1904- Valve cover gaskets -2-
1905- Oil fill cap

Rear oil case group (2000)

2000HV- Complete rear accessory case with high volume pump. This part includes all items in the 2000 group assembled on an exchange case with the bypass remachined. Part is ready for installation and completes the 2000 group. $289 plus your core Picture, Description, Instructions
2001- Rear oil case casting
2002- Rear oil seal
2003- 5/16" hold down hardware
2004- 3/8" hold down hardware
2005- Case to block gasket
2006- Oil pump assembly
2007- Oil pump gaskets
2008- Oil pressure regulator piston
2009- Oil pressure regulator spring
2010- Oil pressure regulator plug
2011- Plug washer

Harmonic balancer group (2100)

2101- Harmonic balancer
2102- Balancer bolt and washer

Oil pan group (2200)

2201(B)- Gold billet oil pan. CNC machined, deep sump, flightweight, gold anodized pan with four mounting bosses. $289 Picture, Description, Instructions
2201(W) - Fly weight welded oil pan. With CNC hydrocut rails. $249 Picture, Description, Instructions
2202(A)- Oil pan installation kit. Includes 2202 pickup tube, 2203 hardware, and 2204 drain plug. $59 Plus your pickup core Description, Instructions
2202- Oil pickup
2203- 1/4"-20 hardware -19-
2204- Drainplug
2205- Oil pan gasket
2206- Dipstick
2207- Dipstick bracket

Front cover group (2300)

2301- Front cover
2302- Cover to case gasket
2303- Front oil seal
2304- 3/8" hardware -9-

Starter group (2400)

2400- Complete starter group kit. Includes every component in this group, complete and ready to bolt on. $566 Picture, Description
2401- Starter. Complete with fine gear for low profile installation. $249 Picture, Description
2402- Starter brackets w/hardware. Gold anodized. $109 Picture, Description, Instructions
2403- Tail bracket. Fully machined. $25 Picture, Description
2404- Fine gear. This component is just for builders who are reworking their own starter to mate with our part number 2408 ring gear. This part is already installed on starters we sell. $25 Picture, Description
2405- Top cover. Gold anodized 6061. $49 Picture, Description, Instructions
2406- Top cover gasket. Included in 2400 kit.
2407- 5/16" Top cover hardware. Included in 2400 kit.
2408- Ring gear. Precision machined. $109 Picture, Description, Instructions

Hub group (2500)

2501(A)- Gold hub $579 Description
2501(B)- Short gold hub $579 Photo, Description
2501(C)- Black hub $319 Photo, Description
2502- Hybrid studs and washers -6- $79 Picture, Description, Instructions
2503- Safety shaft, nut, washer and cotter pin $79 Picture, Description, Instructions

Top oil group (2600)

2601(S)- Standard gold oil filter housing with 5/16" hardware. CNC machined with instrumentation ports. $239 Description, Instructions, Photos
2601(R)- Reverse gold oil filter housing with 5/16" hardware. CNC machined with instrumentation ports. $239 Description, Instructions, Photos
2602- Oil filter housing gasket. Included in 2601 kits.

Oil filter group (2650)

2650- Oil filter group kit. If you are building a 2700 group oil system, this kit completes the 2600 group. If you are building a 2800 group oil system, delete the 2650 group. $49
2651- Oil filter nipple. For K&N 1008 filter.
2652- Oil filter

Oil cooler group (2700)

2701- Stock oil cooler
2702- Oil cooler mount
2703- Oil cooler mount gasket
2704- Oil cooler o-rings
2705- Oil cooler mount bolts 5/16"
2706- 3/8" oil cooler mount bolt
2707- GM oil cooler side baffling
2708- Outboard oil cooler mount bolt

Heavy duty oil cooler group (2800)

2801- Heavy duty aircraft oil cooler
2802- Gold sandwich adapter $169 Description, Instructions, Photos
2803- 3/8" NPT to -6 fittings -4-
2804- AN-6 hoses to cooler -2-
2805- Cooler block off plate and hardware $25
2810- Oil filter (same part as 2652 filter)
NOTE: If you opt for group 2800, then delete group 2700.

Standard charging system group (2900)

2901- Front alternator bracket set. CNC-cut, gold anodized. $99 Description
2902- Mounting hardware
2903- Altermator mounting hardware
2904- Drive belt
NOTE: If you opt for group 2900, then delete group 2950.

Rear charging system group (2950)

2951- Rear alternator bracket
2952- Mounting hardware
2953- Alternator mounting hardware
2954- Drive coupling
NOTE: If you opt for group 2950, then delete group 2900. The 2950 group is in development by Dan Weseman. Contact him directly at FlyWithSPA.com for more information.

Alternator group (2970)

2971- Permanent magnet alternator for front or rear.

Weseman 5th bearing group (3000)

3001- Bearing kit (designed for short gold hub 2501B)
3002- Alteration to standard gold hub (2501A)
3003- Alteration to black hub (2501C)
NOTES: Selecting this bearing option allows deleting the 2300 group. Contact Dan Weseman directly at FlyWithSPA.com for more information.

5th bearing oil line group (3050)

3051(S) - Oil feed line & fittings, standard gold oil filter housing
3051(R) - Oil feed line & fittings, reverse gold oil filter housing

RoysGarage.com 5th bearing group (3100)

3100- Bearing system assembly, alteration to gold hub, oil feed line and fittings, and modified starter brackets, etc. NOTE: Typically, builders selecting this option will be fulfilling the following groups: 1000, 1100, 1200 and deleting 2300. Contact Roysgarage.com for detailed pricing.

William Wynne 5th bearing group (3200)

3200- Bearing assembly system and subcomponents
NOTE: This bearing takes the place of groups 1000, 1100 and 1200, and deletes 2300. This bearing system is not in production at this time.

Ignition group (3300)

3301(E/P)- Electronic/points distributor with gasket $349 plus your core Description, Instructions
3301(E/P/X)- E/P Deluxe w/ connector, studs, and gasket $389 plus your core Description, Instructions
3301(D-P)- Dual points distributor assembly with gasket. By special order only. Description
3302- Hold down clamp, spring and nut
3303- Secondary wire set
3304- Sparkplug set -6-

Airframe ignition group (3400)

3401- Ignition coils -2-
3402- Condensors -1 or 2-
3403- HT switch unit (MSD)
3404- Coil to switch wires
3405- HT pass through
3406- Coil to pass through wire
3407- Pass through to distributor cap wire
3408- SPDT-DPDT switch
3409- Ignition fuse box
3410- Nason switch $43 Description, Instructions
3411- Tach pickup

Airframe charging group (3500)

3501- Voltage regulator
3502- PMOV
3503- Master solenoid
3504- Power bus/fuse box
3505- Main electrical pass through
3506- Battery

Intakes and carburetors (3600)

3601(S)- Intake manifold. CNC-bent stainless. Fits MA3, Stromberg, etc. $299 Photo, Description
3601(E)- Intake manifold. CNC-bent stainless. Carb flange at 13 degree angle. For Ellison, Rotec and AeroCarb only. $299 Photo, Description
3602(A)- Marvel MA3-SPA
3602(B)- Stromberg NAS-3
3602(C)- Ellison EFS-3A
3602(D)- Sonex AeroCarb - 38mm
3602(E)- Zenith 268
3602(F)- Rotec #3
3602(G)- 1 barrel Carter downdraft
3602(H)- Reserved
3602(I)- Reserved
3603- Carb heat
3604- Air filters
3605- Throttle cables
3606- Primers

EFI Electronic fuel injection (3700)

(This group included for later discussion purposes only. We recommend all builders use carbureted systems from Group 3600.)
3701- FlyCorvair/Falcon
3702- RoysGarage
3703- Johnson/Holley

Mechanical fuel injection (3800)

(This group included for later discussion purposes only. We recommend all builders use carbureted systems from Group 3600.)
3801- Airflow performance
3802- Precision systems

Stainless exhaust systems (3900)

3901(A)- Zenith 601/650/750/705 system. CNC-bent stainless. $599 Photo, Description
3901(B)- Universal #1 - KR-2, 2S, etc. CNC-bent stainless. $599 Photo, Description
3901(C)- Universal #2 - Piet, Kitfox, Wagabond, etc. CNC-bent stainless. $599 Photo, Description
3901(D)- Universal #3 - Tailwind, etc. CNC-bent stainless. $599 Photo, Description
3901(E)- Reserved
3901(F)- Reserved
3902- Mufflers
3903- Y-pipes

Propellers and spinners (4000)

4001- Vans 13" spinner assembly
4002- Front spinner bulkhead for Warp Drive props $169 Photo, Description
4003- Warp Drive props. Two-blade, ground adjustable, carbon fiber props, 66-72", with nickel leading edges. $868 Picture, Description
4004- Warp Drive mounting hardware
4005- Wood prop crushplate
4006- Sensenich wood props. Call Sensenich Directly at (813) 752-3711 and talk to Charlie Denny to order. $825 and up Call us for applicability answers. These props are not cheap, but they are very good performers. They're CNC manufactured in the same shop that produces the certified Sensenichs.
4007- Tennessee props
4008- Reserved
4009- Reserved
4010- Reserved

Baffling and cowls (4100)

4101- Baffle kits $349 Description, Photos Purchase Direct
4102- Universal nosebowl with round inlets $439 Picture, Description
4103- Zenith cowling. ZenVair 601/650/750 cowling kits. $525 Description, Photos Purchase Direct
4104- KR cowling. Fiberglas full cowl for KR-2 Corvair installation. $525 + S&H Picture, Description
4105- Eyebrow cooling
4106- Rubber baffling seal

Motor mounts (4200)

4201(A)- Zenith 601/650 mount, all models $639 +$85 U.S. S&H +$85 powdercoating Picture, Description
4201(B)- Zenith 750/705 mount $739 +$85 U.S. S&H +$85 powdercoating Picture, Description
4201(C)- Pietenpol mount, high thrust line $639 +$85 U.S. S&H +$85 powdercoating Picture, Description
4201(D)- KR2/2S mount, conventional gear $499 +$85 U.S. S&H +$85 powdercoating Picture, Description
4201(E)- KR2/2S mount, tricycle gear $549 +$85 U.S. S&H +$85 powdercoating Picture, Description
4201(F)- Custom mounts
4202- Tray and spools $179 Picture, Description
4203- Bushings
4204- Bolts, nuts, clips, tubes

Airframe fuel systems (4300)

4301- Firewall pass through $29 Description, Instructions, Photos
S&H for select international parts orders (See Descriptions) $35 Click also for U.S. Parts Rush Orders


All viable projects start with a good reading of The Conversion Manual. Other parts should not be purchased until The Manual has been read thoroughly and the Liability Statement returned. Please print out and complete the form at the Liability Statement page AND RETURN IT BY MAIL; PRODUCTS WILL NOT BE SHIPPED UNTIL LIABILITY STATEMENT HAS BEEN RECEIVED. Almost All Prices Include Shipping Within The U.S.; e-mail international shipping cost inquiries to WilliamTCA@aol.com. Most parts are in stock; custom parts are made to order. Please specify RUSH Orders. Prices subject to change. Please make checks payable to William Wynne, and remit to:

5000-18 HWY 17 #247, Orange Park, FL 32003

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