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Getting Started

Welcome to the World of Corvairs. 2009 marks my 20th year working with Corvairs. As long as there has been experimental aviation, builders have sought out an inexpensive, reliable powerplant that will give them access to flight. My work with the Corvair is solely devoted to making this a reality for anybody who is serious about Learning, Building and Flying.

Many people, at first glance, mistakenly see the Corvair as an inexpensive product they can buy. With further study, builders come to see the Corvair as an opportunity. We have worked very hard to make the Corvair align with the EAA's motto of Learn, Build and Fly. The engine is much more than a reliable experimental aircraft powerplant that is inexpensive. Our program invites builders of all experience levels to take command of their own project, learn exactly what it takes to assemble your own engine, and successfully use your own craftsmanship to power your aicraft. Notice the emphasis is on you, the individual builder.

Homebuilding is not a story about shiny consumer products. Homebuilding is the story of individuals meeting the challenges of education, motivation and persistence. Through the years we have stood ready and assisted countless homebuilders worldwide throughout this process so they may rightfully take their place with pride amongst the true aviators who can say, "Yes I built this aircraft, and the engine as well."

The beginning point for everyone in this adventure is purchasing one of our Conversion Manuals. A dozen times a week I answer e-mails from builders which contain technical questions that are all well-covered in the Conversion Manual. While I politely do so, all of these builders would be better served by getting started with the Conversion Manual.

By choosing to build your own Corvair, you are squarely facing two realities: First, most commercially available aircraft engines are expensive consumer products that for all their qualities will likely teach you nothing about power plants. Second, you will be exiting the ranks of people who will "build something the day I can afford it" and joining the brotherhood of builders who recognize that they will find a way to make their aviation plans come true. Starting with learning about the Corvair through the Conversion Manual is the first positive step in that direction.

We know several homebuilders under tough circumstances who took more than 10 years to complete their aircraft. The other side of the coin is everyone who failed to take the first step getting started. Every single person who did not start all ended up in the same place: nowhere.

The Conversion Manual is an understood agreement between builders and myself. It is the beginning point of a relationship where builders are welcome at Colleges, enjoy our support and can count on our experience to aid them in their own success stories. It has worked for countless other builders and it can work for you.

The most popular DVD we sell is the Engine Disassembly DVD. Before acquiring a core, this will give you a visual understanding of selection, identification, disassembly and component reconditioning. Armed with the Conversion Manual and Disassembly DVD, any builder is capable of making serious progress advancing his own position in aviation.

If you have never seen a Corvair flight engine in person before, or need a dose of serious motivation, a Corvair Flyer DVD is in order. This will give you and advanced look at where your learning and craftsmanship will take you. Additionally, we offer three DVDs that cover the assembly process:

Engine Assembly DVD I
Engine Assembly DVD II
Engine Assembly DVD III

Over the years, hundreds of builders have used these to learn the visual elements of the assembly process. Gathering information is the first step on the path to Learning, Building and Flying. The base of knowledge contained in this material will allow any builder, even those without a mechanical background, to have an excellent starting point.

Many people who have been around homebuilding for a few years comment to me that there is a trend toward consumer products being pushed in experimental aviation by marketing which essentially tells people that "you can't learn this, let us take care of it for you, there's nothing here for you to do except open your wallet." While such tactics may succeed in selling things to people who mistakenly believe you can buy your way into being a homebuilder, the only way that any builder ever advanced his own personal standing in aviation was by setting his mind to the commitment that he could and would learn, and that he would be in command of his own project, and that the rewards of homebuilding, flying and aviation belong to people who will take charge of their project for themselves.

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