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CNC Hydrocut Aluminum Top Cover

This aluminum, CNC hydrocut, light weight top cover, Part No. FS-5, is specially machined to follow the exact contours of the Corvair case. I designed the top cover to work with both front and rear starter systems. It can be polished to a fine shine or painted to match your color scheme.

Please print, complete and return a Liability Statement with all orders. These are available for printing at the Liability Statement Page.

Thank you for your order. Your support makes possible my further research and development on the Corvair.

Top Cover Installation Instructions

Your Top Cover is made of 1/8Ē thick 6061-T6 aluminum. Itís manufactured by a process called hydrocutting. This process uses a 70,000psi stream of water with garnet abrasive in it to make precision cuts. The machinery is controlled by computers, which ensures every part is made to the exact specification.

Currently, I have two preferred locations for the oil filler neck. First is on the right hand valve cover. Our Zenair 601 installation is typical of this. However, as a second option, you could weld an oil filler neck onto the Top Cover. 6061 is a particularly easy aluminum to weld. Some single-seat configurations make this desirable.

Although itís not readily apparent, the bolt pattern on the Top Cover is asymmetric, and it can only be bolted on correctly one way. The standard Corvair gasket has proven to work very well with the Top Cover. Iíve flown them leak free for many years. This gasket is included in the Corvair Flight Gasket Set from Clarkís Corvairs, Part No. C120WW.

If you have any doubt or questions about the installation, please call or e-mail me. Remember, safety is paramount. By using parts developed by me, that are flight proven over years of service, youíre taking a giant step toward minimizing the risk associated with flying experimental aircraft.

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