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Warp Drive Propellers for Corvair Conversion

I have been a Warp Drive propeller dealer for many years. The folks at Warp Drive offer what I consider to be an excellent value in propellers. While other companies come and go, Warp Drive has produced nearly 40,000 propellers in the past 10 years.

Warp Drive props are ground adjustable aluminum hubs with solid carbon fiber blades. These blades are very durable, and are easily shortened or repaired. The carbon fiber is immensely strong, but can be trimmed to specific diameters with a hacksaw blade. We have tested these props from 54-72" in diameter, and found them to be quiet, highly efficient, and infinitely tunable due to their ground adjustable design.

Corvair engines have a very good track record with Warp Drive props. My Pietenpol flew with a 68" two-blade for several hundred hours. We used Gary Coppen's Skycoupe to test many other Warp Drive propeller combinations. We eventually settled on a 66" two-blade, which has logged more than 100 hours. Our Zenair 601 (pictured above) logged more than 100 hours on its 66" two-blade in its first five months of flying. A direct drive Corvair engine, with its smooth running characteristics and high strength forged steel crankshaft, is an excellent match to the Warp Drive prop.

I have a few recommendations listed below for specific Corvair applications. If you do not see your airframe listed, just e-mail or give a call.

A few quick notes: I only sell Warp Drive props for Corvair engines. I offer a discount below what Warp Drive charges. I am in the propeller business solely to pass on the savings to my Corvair conversion customers. When you order a Warp Drive prop from us, it will be shipped to you directly from the factory usually within one to two weeks. If you have any other type of engine, please contact Warp Drive directly.

The two-blade props that I sell are Warp Drive's High Horsepower Blades and Hubs. Any diameter between 62" and 72" is the same price. Any option, such as tapered tips or color, can be added to your prop for an additional charge. We can order any of these options for your propeller from Warp Drive, and their Web site has further details on option prices. Although some of these options are nice extras, 95% of the props we sell and all of the ones we fly are their standard HP props with nickel leading edges. The blades come flat black, and can be painted.

Corvair/Aircraft/Propeller Combinations

  • Pietenpol, 66" 2-blade
  • ZenVair 601, 66" 2-blade
  • Wagabond, Skycoupe, 100mph cruise aircraft, 66" 2-blade
  • Aircraft with 150-165mph cruise, 64" 2-blade

    Please print, complete and return a Liability Statement with all orders. These are available for printing at the Liability Statement Page.

    Thank you for your order. Your support makes possible further research and development on the Corvair.

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